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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why should I order stairs from you when I can have them built by the same framers doing the house?

A: The most important reason a builder should consider our stairs is the quality. We manufacture our stairs to the highest quality standards in a controlled environment. We hand pick the lumber and assemble the stairs indoors with access to specialty tools not available on a jobsite. We go above and beyond to fasten and glue every possible joint with the appropriate sized fastener to prevent future stair failure caused by splitting or inadequate construction. All of this equals quality improvement for the builder and long-term reliability for the home owner.


Q: Do you deliver and install the stairs?

A: We deliver the stairs directly to the site before they will be needed and the framers can easily install safe and usable stairs in just minutes when they are ready for them. We can also attach a vertical 3/4" hanger board at the top of each staircase (in place of brackets) that eases header attachment.


Q: How do I know if the stairs will meet the plans or fit right?

A: The company president checks over the plans provided by the client to ensure stairs will be built to correct dimensions. Sometimes it is necessary to go to the jobsite to iron out any wrinkles in new plans, or when measuring off concrete slabs. Plans can be emailed to Roman at


Q: Who have you built stairs for?

A: We have built thousands of stairs for such builders and lumber suppliers as: Armstrong Homes, BMC West, Burnstead Homes, Cambria Homes, Centex, D.R. Horton, Glover Homes, Idaho Precut Homes, Lockett Construction Inc, Long Classic Homes, Matheus Lumber, Murphy Homes, Murray Franklyn, Oakpointe Communities, Polygon, Pulte, Quadrant, Richmond American, RTS, Schneider, SDC, Woodinville Lumber and private customers.