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Benefits of Prefab Stairs

  • Consistent high-quality stairs delivered to job site before second floor framing begins, as required by OSHA.
  • At least 4 hours framing time gained per house, stairs can be installed in only a few minutes.
  • Savings over job site labor costs through wholesale pricing.                  
  • Savings in disposal costs. Each staircase generates 50-80lbs. No landfill waste, we remanufacture our scrap or recycle it.
  • Low cost accents such as first-step turnout, or splayed steps.
  • Unbeatable precision in stair parts thanks to specifically designed stringer milling machines. No over-cut stringers.
  • Lumber and materials are handpicked. We use Douglas Fir stringers standard.
  • Steps are glued with construction adhesive and fastened with correct sized ring shank nails. No gaps between tread and riser.
  • Squeak prevention through additional stapling on top of treads, and back of risers, along with glue blocks under every step.
  • Elimination of potential issues with codes through blueprint screening and free onsite consultation. Helps keep jobs on schedule. Reduces costly call backs.
  • If so desired, stairs can be built so that hardwood or other finished materials can be installed over the steps at a later date, providing a safe substructure to use in the mean time.





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