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         Attention builders! Why go prefab?

         If you are looking for a way to lower building costs and increase production time for tract, duplex, multi- family, custom homes, and commercial buildings you came to the right place. Our focus as a staircase manufacturer is to construct wooden staircases that are stronger, more reliable and longer-lasting than stairs built on-site. With the best technology and technique for staircase production, we guarantee that you can feel the solid and squeak-free quality that new home owners come to expect. We are absolutely confident that our staircases will reduce production time, lower labor costs, and improve the looks and performance of stairs in any building or home. We don't just want to be your contractor, we want to become an integral part of your building process. Our company has been providing staircases to thousands of homes all over Western Washington since 1998. Look for our stairs in a new community near you!



Our stairs meet or exceed the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC).

We are doing our part to reduce landfill refuse by minimizing waste, reusing scrap for components, and recycling leftovers at certified wood recyclers. The little trash we have left fits into the residential garbage can at home!


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Jon Baranski    Production Manager

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